William Groger

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William Groger
Noted subjects Literature, Religion, Mythology
High school Miami Valley (2014-)
Middle school Miami Valley (2014-2017)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

William Groger is currently a player for The Miami Valley School.

Middle School Career


As a sixth grader, William participated on the winning team of Aquilla I at Olentangy Liberty, the 2015 Ohio State Championship, as well as the 2015 MSNCT, in which Miami Valley tied for eighth place. He scored crucial points in the eighth-place game, in which Miami Valley took Carmel Valley to a sudden-death question after three tiebreakers.


As the second scorer to his brother, John John, William contributed to wins at Give Thanks for Quizbowl II and the 2016 Ohio State Championship, as well as a fifth place finish at the 2016 MSNCT.


Now the captain, William led his team (solo on two occasions) to victories at the Harvest Prep Fall Invitational, Third Annual Copley Middle School Invitational, Northmont Middle School Tournament, and 2017 Ohio State Championship, all of which he went undefeated and dominated the individual scoring with over 150 points per game. His team at the 2017 MSNCT, at which he also led the individual scoring, finished in fourth place.

William competed in the Middle School National History Bowl (eighth-grade division) after winning at his regional site in Columbus. He advanced to the finals, in which he claimed runner-up. He also won the National Citizenship Bee.

For his solo performance at the Copley Middle School Invitational, he was named Middle School Player of the Week by NAQT. He was named Middle School Player of the Year by the National Quizbowl Awards.