1995 James Island

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Lost the ASCN nationals final to Edmond Memorial on a tiebreaker, and also finished second at NAC, to then-Governor's School.

ASCN roster was Brad Harris, Ryan Cooper, Jamie Smith, Justin Powell, and Miesha Grant. NAC roster was presumably the same. Harris, Cooper, and Powell all went on to join the NAC Hall of Fame, making this the only team with three members of that possibly-prestigious group.

The team was coached by Dorothy Meek, who did not live up to her surname with these comments in a newspaper article:

"Second in the nation is not bad, either," James Island coach Dorothy Meek said upon her return. "If you never won first, anyone would be glad to have second."
Meek said James Island dominated other teams through most of the tournament and that the best team, in this case, didn't win.
"This is the first time when they gave away the trophy there was not a standing ovation, because everybody knew we should have it," she said.