Walter Johnson

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Walter Johnson High School
Bethesda, MD
Coaches Stuart Safford
National Championships 1997 ASCN
Program Status Active
School Size Unknown
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Walter Johnson High School (often abbreviated WJ) is a public high school in Bethesda, Montgomery County, Maryland. It was coached by Mark Whipple (until 2010) and Stuart Safford.

It is the former high school of Daichi Ueda, Kuo-Kai Chin, Ophir Lifshitz, and Sameen Belal.

Walter Johnson won the Washington division of It's Academic in 2005 and 2007. Its team was featured in the article "Mind Games" in the July/August 2006 Bethesda Magazine.

In 2009, Walter Johnson students collaborated with Hunter to write Prison Bowl II; a mirror of that set was the third and last iteration of the WJIAT hosted by Walter Johnson.

ASCN TOC Champion
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Edmond Memorial
James Island