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Ophir Lifshitz is a member of the quizbowl community who is interested in the design and documentation of institutional knowledge, community building and sustainability, and technology in quizbowl. Ophir started playing quizbowl at Walter Johnson in 2007 and was part of the University of Maryland team that won 2017 ACF Nationals. Ophir is the current Webmaster of ACF.

Ophir created the College Quizbowl Calendar and its difficulty scale, a platform for detailed stats to track where players buzz in every question, a style manual, and a pronouncing dictionary, and has written several articles about quizbowl. Many of these resources are hosted on ophir.li or minkowski.space.

Ophir has contributed to dozens of question sets, especially the successes of Terrapin (2016, 2019, and 2020 Terrapin Open) and other sets at Maryland (MYSTERIUM, STIMPY, and SUBMIT). Ophir has consulted freelance (providing copyediting, proofreading, pronunciation guides, and much more behind-the-scenes work) for nationally-run events by ACF (member since 2018, Regionals, Fall, Winter), PACE (member since 2017, NSC), and IQBT (NASAT). Ophir was involved in almost every college quizbowl set produced in 2018–2019.

Ophir is a veteran volunteer moderator, mentor, and question writer who has knowledge of classical music, linguistics, and other science. Ophir edits the music audio question set series Guerilla Imaginary Landscape.