1998 PAC

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1998 Panasonic Academic Challenge
Champion Maryland All-Stars
Runner-up Florida All-Stars
Third Washington, D.C. All-Stars
Fourth South Carolina All-Stars
Fifth Illinois All-Stars
All-America Team --
John Chin, Cheshire Brandon Eilertson, Copley
Chris Fleitas, New Orleans Jesuit Daniel Gebremedhin, San Dieguito
George Cary Martin, Forest Hill Nancy M. Strippel, Grand Junction

Lasted from June 13-16 with 46 teams participating.

$2500 scholarships, rings, and "hand-held video CD players" were awarded to winning team members. Second-place team members received $1500 scholarships.

All-America Team members received $1000 scholarships and medallions.


Once more, participants were surveyed on current issues. 46% thought Kenneth Starr's investigation of the Lewinsky affair should end, while 25% thought President Clinton should be impeached. 55% believed bad parenting was the cause of violence in schools, and 75% supported trying juvenile offenders as adults.

1998 Panasonic Academic Challenge
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