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2005 Panasonic Academic Challenge
Champion Virginia All-Stars
Runner-up Maryland All-Stars
Third Illinois All-Stars
Fourth Florida All-Stars
Fifth Grand Junction
Sixth Rufus King
All-America Team --
Peter Golubock, St. Johnsbury Eva Lam, Rufus King
Sam Lederer, Thomas Jefferson Chris Reale, Naples Community
Michael Richards, Liberty Henry Tung, Torrey Pines

Lasted from June 18-20. 30 states, D.C., and Guam attended.

Members of the All-America Team received $1000 scholarships from Publix Supermarket Charities.

Round 6: Finals

Team Score Finish
Virginia 225 1
Maryland 215 2
Illinois 206 3
Florida 198 4
Colorado 122 5
Wisconsin 93 6


Several strange incidents happened during the finals game: Maryland's buzzer went off, seemingly on its own, and their neg and the question were thrown out. Illinois had a correct answer on an audio tossup stricken because the audio clip continued playing after they buzzed in, then negged on the repleacement math question, when a team member triggered the buzzer while reaching for a calculator. A moderator incorrectly read a question asking players to fill in the blank in the title "The Human ___" as "Of Human ____", leading to a neg.

Maryland, in fact, held the lead up to the final question, and negged to give Virginia a lead which it did not relinquish. The significance of this is that, with four of the five members of Virginia Team being from Thomas Jefferson, these players got to enjoy an arguably unique third national championship, given the school's sweep through the 2005 HSNCT and 2005 NSC.

Winning team member Sam Lederer opined as follows: "Although I have no right to complain, it was a shame to have won on so many technicalities. The questions that round were simply too easy to distinguish teams on the basis of knowledge. Oddly enough, there were more buzzer races in the 15 pt round than in both others combined. It's also a shame that the moderating at PAC is prone to such errors. There has to be more work put into PAC than any other national, but the multimedia stuff and the scale of the rounds make such game-deciding mixups far too prevalent."


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