2007 Ohio Panasonic Team

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2007 Ohio Panasonic Team (clockwise from bottom left: Steven Wellstead, Robert Makishi, Joe Wells, Bob Kilner, Zeke Watson, Dan Humphrey, Ryan Haas)
Noted Subjects:
Everything except beating California
Current Collegiate Team Princeton (Dan Humphrey), Case Western (Steven Wellstead)
Past Collegiate Teams N/A
High School Team Copley, Fisher Catholic, Garfield Heights, Tippecanoe
Middle School Team None

The 2007 Ohio Panasonic Team was the Ohio representative at the 2007 Panasonic Academic Challenge. It was notable in that it was the first ever "All-Star" team sent to represent Ohio in the Panasonic Academic Challenge. The team made it as far as the semifinals, ultimately finishing third (and one spot away from the finals) behind Kentucky and California.

Team Members

First Round Scores (2nd Preliminary Round)

  • Ohio: 176
  • Montana: 169
  • Alabama: 156
  • Mississippi: 117

(Bold: Advances to semifinals)

Second Round Scores (Semifinals)

  • Kentucky: 268
  • California: 193
  • Ohio: 184
  • New Jersey: 142
  • Idaho: 41

(Bold: Advances to finals)