2008 Matt Cvijanovich Memorial Novice Tournament

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2008 Matt Cvijanovich Memorial Novice Tournament
Date March 8, 2008
Time TBD
Location TBD
Editor Trygve Meade, James Sanner, Mike Sorice
Format mACF, novice difficulty
First Discount Deadline February 1 (play for $60, before other discounts)
Second Discount Deadline February 8 (play for $80, before other discounts)
No Packet Penalty Deadline N/A
First Penalty Deadline N/A
Second Penalty Deadline N/A

The 2008 Matt Cvijanovich Memorial Novice Tournament will take place at UIUC on March 8, 2008.


  • History 4/4
  • Science 4/4 (no science biography, please - put that in "other academic" if you must write it)
  • Literature 4/4
  • Religion/Mythology/Philosophy 3/3
  • Fine Arts 3/3
  • Social Science/Geography 2/2 (at least 1 geography question, but no more than 2 total geography questions)
  • Other Academic 3/3 (questions from any of the above areas, but no more than 2 from any one of them)
  • Pop Culture/sports 2/2 (no more than 1/1 sports)
  • Current Events 1/1 (please avoid "story-of-the-moment" questions)


Packet submitted by February 1st: $60. Packet submitted by February 8th: $80. Packet not submitted by February 8th/not submitted at all: OVER $9000! (Or just $1000)

Question-writing guidelines

  • Absolutely no spelling, calculation, "FAQTP," or ordering/multiple choice questions.
  • Though there is no ceiling on the number of questions about real people, please attempt to focus on creations and the like. When writing questions on real people, please focus on their academic contributions, rather than on biographical details.
  • Please be diverse across sub-field, time period, geographical location, etc. within each distribution category.
  • All tossups are worth 10 pts and should be no shorter than 3 lines, nor longer than 6 lines; all bonuses should be worth a total of 30 pts.
  • No bonuses potentially requiring six prompts (e.g. "FFPE," 10-5,

15-10-5, 5-5-5-5-5-5, etc.) Bonuses potentially requiring five prompts must be used sparingly, if at all.

  • Packets disregarding these guidelines may be returned as unacceptable.

Please submit packets to tmeade2@uiuc.edu. I will be happy to accept packets in any file format that Microsoft Office 2007 can read and edit, although I prefer .doc, .docx, or .rtf.

Formatting of packets:

Please follow these simple rules:

  • 1. The first two lines are the tournament title (“The Illinois Open 2006: Spite Burn”) and team name following by a space and comma-delineated, parenthetical list of members of that team, all bolded.
  • 2. Questions are sorted, numbered, and labeled by category in the order given by the distribution (i.e. first all the literature tossups, then all the literature bonuses, then all the science tossups, etc.) The questions in each category are headed by the category name and number of questions (e.g. “Literature (5/5).”)
  • 3. The answer is inserted on the line immediately succeeding the end of the tossup or bonus part after indenting one tab and writing “Answer: ”.
  • 4. Please use no acronyms (e.g. FTPE, FTSNOP, etc.)
  • 5. The required parts of the answer are bolded and underlined and all other parts (prompts, do not accepts, etc.) are in quotes. Work titles are italicized or quoted as appropriate. Words in foreign languages are italicized as appropriate. No other extraneous formatting is included.
  • 6. Prompts or alternative answers are included parenthetically after the primary answer. Every effort to explicitly include acceptable or promptable alternative answers ought to be made.
  • 7. The MCMNT and its mirror sites are likely to be staffed by experienced moderators, but any pronunciation guides that you deem useful or necessary are to be included in phonetic English in square brackets immediately following the word whose pronunciation the guide is meant to elucidate.
  • 8. Bonus parts are delineated with Arabic numerals followed by a period and single space. Bonuses with parts of a single point value need not include the point value; bonuses with variable point values for their parts (5-10-15, 30-20-10, 15-5, etc.) must include the point value parenthetically following the bonus part number.

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