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The 2008 Tossup Only Macalester College Academic Tournament (TOMCAT II) was an NAQT run quizbowl tournament held at its namesake location on January 5. TOMCAT was intended for less experienced quizbowl players and was also free for teams to attend.


TOMCAT rounds were made up of four quarters with 10 tossups per quarter. The tossups gained in value and difficulty, moving from 10 to 25 points by five point increments. These tossups were shorter than normal NAQT-style questions, and were often on easier topics. TOMCAT used Swiss-paired matches for the 80 teams in attendance. There were 12 total rounds of competition, and the top 12 teams qualified for nationals. The formal announcement for the tournament may be found here.


Eden Prairie A defeated Chaska A in the finals, while Wayzata A defeated Edina A in the consolation match. Michael Wright was the top overall scorer, based on tossups answered per game. More extensive results and statistics can be found here.