Abby Cohen

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Abby Cohen
High school Beavercreek (2017-2021)
Middle school Beavercreek Middle (2017)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Abby Cohen was a player for Beavercreek. In 2019, Abby was on the Beavercreek team that won the 2019 HSNCT and placed 7th at NSC. She is the sister of Hannah Cohen.


High school

In 2018, Abby joined Ziyi Zuo, Hannah Cohen, and Hari Parameswaran on the Beavercreek team that placed 5th at the 2018 HSNCT and 8th at the 2018 NSC.

In 2019, Hannah and Ziyi had graduated and had been replaced by Tiffany Zhou and Tegan Kapadia. Together with Abby and Hari, this team went on to win the 2019 HSNCT by beating University Lab, becoming the first team from Ohio to do so. This team went on to place 7th at NSC, which (as of 2021) is the highest placement at NSC from an HSNCT winner since LASA unified the titles in 2014.

This team would return with Alan Xie in place of Hari for the 2021 nationals season, where Abby and cohorts placed 31st and 9th at the online iterations of the 2021 HSNCT and NSC respectively.