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These students from Sycamore compete independent of the regular-season Sycamore quiz team. Captained for the 2011-2012 season by Artur Meller, the team qualified at the Tippecanoe NAQT tournament for NAQT nationals (represented by deputy captain Anirudha Vaddadi, Pinar Inanli, Soham Agarwal, and Emma Rogge). Permanent roster for the year: captain Artur Meller ('12), Anirudha Vaddadi ('12), Shawn Krishnan ('12), Clayton Hamre ('12), Pinar Inanli ('13), Ryan Dunn ('13), Emma Rogge ('13) and Soham Agarwal ('13). The team has received mentorship from Sycamore alum Ashvin Srivatsa but has no official coach. Performing remarkably well for a rogue and underfunded operation, the team generally travels in Clayton's minivan.