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A number of competitions have used the title of "Academic Challenge," especially within the Mid-Atlantic region from New Jersey through Delaware.

Academic Challenge (TV Show)

Academic Challenge is a TV show produced by the PCTV network in Pottstown, PA.

The show appears to include some regular season matches as well as the final playoff matches. The questions are from Academic Hallmarks. The participating schools each year appear to include some in Northern Montgomery County and Southern Berks County.

The 2016 Championship Match

Academic Challenge in Berks County, PA

Academic Challenge is the name given to the Berks County IU's yearly competition between Berks Schools. It appears to be quite similar to the Pennsylvania State Academic Competition in having a 3-team format and the tossup/fanfare question mix. There is a regular season as well as a playoff for a bid to the state championship. Question source is unknown, but seems similar to the quality seen at CCIU.

Academic Challenge in NJ

Currently, a number of southern NJ schools play a version of "Academic Challenge," though specific information is scant.

There is an Academic Challenge league in Camden County that appears to stay active year-round. Other Academic Challenge teams exist from Cape May through Vineland and up beyond Toms Rivers.

There apparently was a statewide NJ Academic Challenge competition at Rutgers many years ago that these more local tournaments may have been part of a qualification series for, but that appears to be defunct.

The Rutgers Academic Challenge