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Addison, AL
Club President None
Coaches Jeff Sudduth
State Championships None
National Championships None
National Appearances None
Program Status Active
School Size 322

Addison High School is a high school in Addison, Alabama. Addison is coached by Jeff Sudduth. Addison has attended the Bevill-Jasper Invitational. Bevill-Jasper placed second at the 2011 iteration of the tournament.

Tournament Results

Date Tournament Question Set Team Record Rank Stats
2015/3/13 Bevill-Jasper Invitational NAQT IS-141A A 0-5 6/6 NAQT
2013/4/5 Bevill-Jasper Invitational NAQT IS-125A A 3-1 9/15 NAQT

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