Ali Saeed

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Ali Saeed
Noted subjects Literature, US Presidents, Classic Rock, Acetylcholine
Past colleges Stanford (2018-2019)
High school Adlai E. Stevenson High School (2014-2018)
Middle school Daniel Wright (2013)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Ali Saeed was a player for Stanford and Stevenson High School.


Middle school

Ali was on the 25th place Daniel Wright team at the 2013 MSNCT.

High school

Though he only played one tournament in 2014, Ali was both the morning champion and overall champion of 2015 Scobol Solo. He was the lead scorer on a Stevenson team that placed 53rd at 2015 HSNCT and T-42 at NSC.

In 2016, Ali was the fourth-overall scorer at the 2016 HSNCT, where Stevenson placed 13th. That year, Stevenson made an unexpectedly deep run at NSC, placing 2nd overall after losing in the first round of an advantaged final to LASA. Their win over Detroit Catholic Central A was a contributing factor in DCC A placing two places lower than DCC B in the final standings - Stevenson also beat DCC B by 10 points (410-400) despite only converting 8 tossups. That year, Ali was made an Honorable Mention on the HSQBRank All-World Teams.

In 2017, Ali was lead scorer on the Stevenson teams that placed 25th at HSNCT and 10th at NSC. He was made a member of the HSQBRank All-World Teams First Team.


Ali rejoined Stevenson teammate Young Fenimore Lee at the 2018 ICT DII.