Amanda Goad

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Amanda Goad
Current college None
Past colleges None
High school Maggie Walker, 1993-1996
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Founder and longtime star of the Maggie Walker team ("Governor's School" throughout her career there). As a freshman in 1993, began the club and captained them to four straight victories in Battle of the Brains, three final-four finishes at the National Academic Championship, and one NAC title. Inducted into the NAC Hall of Fame. The 1998 tournament summary claims Goad holds the NAC "all-time scoring record."

Also won the National Spelling Bee and Teen Jeopardy and got a 1600 on her SATs, then attended Rice.

During a 1996 game between Maggie Walker and Thomas Jefferson, TJ captain Mike McElroy announced that "Amanda Goad couldn't beat me if I were half asleep!" Though McElroy's delta-wave production level during the game is unknown, it is known that Goad went on to singlehandedly win the game for Maggie Walker. (See also Weiner's Law #4.)