Andrew Deveau

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Andrew Deveau
Noted Subjects:
Generalist, Science (esp. Math and Physics)
Current Collegiate Team Yale (2011- )
Past Collegiate Teams None
High School Team St. Ignatius (2009-2011), Maine South (2007-2009)
Middle School Team None

Andrew Deveau is a sophomore at Yale, and formerly attended St. Ignatius and Maine South in Illinois. He was the force behind his teams' success while in high school, culminating in St. Ignatius placing eighth at the 2011 NSC. He was a member of the Illinois team competing at HSAPQ NASAT in both 2010 and 2011.


High School



Tournament Individual Placing Team Placing Notes
2010 Earlybird 1st/88, 133.00 PPG [1] 5th/18 [2] 2010 DAFT mirror
Wheaton North Kickoff 2nd/130, 99.44 PPG [3] 6th/24 [4]
UIUC THUNDER II mirror 6th/52, 44.62 PPG [5] 4th/14 [6] Played on team Ilinois NASAT with Kevin Malis
2010 Auburn HFT mirror 1st/129, 132.00 PPG [7] 7th/24 [8] Played solo
2010 New Trier Varsity 6th/124, 78.00 PPG [9] 5h/24 [10] GSAC mirror
2011 Loyloa Ultima 3rd/78, 91.00 PPG [11] 4th/18 [12] BATE mirror
2011 Huskie Bowl Tie for 1st/48, 101.36 PPG [13] 6th/12 [14] VCUbilt Mirror
2011 NSC 4th/258, 120.00 PPG [15] 8th/60 [16]