Ankush Bajaj

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Ankush Bajaj
Noted Subjects:
Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Social Sciences
Current Collegiate Team Brown
Past Collegiate Teams None
High School Team Hinsdale Central
Middle School Team None

Ankush Bajaj is a student at Brown. He previously was the leading scorer on the A team for Hinsdale Central High School. He was named a member of the First team for the 2016 HSQBRank All-World Teams.


Ankush immediately joined Scholastic Bowl and made a very strong impression on everyone. He established himself as a decent JV player with potential to represent Hinsdale Central as an A team member during later seasons.


Ankush is undoubtedly one of the more committed members of the Hinsdale Central quiz bowl team, and after James did surprisingly well at Earlybird, his cockiness started to annoy and discourage Ankush. As a response to Sunny's ranting, Ankush was reluctantly pushed into the spot of literature specialist, though he still frequently dominates Sunny in biology and chemistry. In addition, he powers Mahabharatha 4 out of 5 times, and averages 27 ppb on Hinduism bonuses. Also, Ankush's development as a literature player really strengthened the team, and marked the beginning of Hinsdale Central's emergence out of mediocrity.


Following a disappointing personal performance at the 2014 HSNCT, Ankush decided to step up his studying over the summer and try to lock down all literature, biology, and chemistry. With the expectation that Ankush will carry the team, the rest of Hinsdale Central A had decided to temporarily stop studying. His progression from a decent literature and science specialist to a competent generalist allowed him to lead Hinsdale to a second-place finish overall at the 2015 NAQT Illinois State Championship.With Ankush's improvement, Hinsdale Central now has very balanced scoring; the team hopes that this will allow it to keep on improving throughout the rest of the season.


Among other things, Ankush helped Team Illinois to a first-place finish at the 2016 NASAT.


Ankush plans on continuing Quizbowl at Brown, but who knows where life will take him?