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Anthony de Jesus was a member of Case Western's Trivia Team from 1996-2000. After graduating from Cincinnati's St. Xavier High School, Anthony traversed to Cleveland where he majored in chemical engineering before switching to political science. Anthony has staffed, edited, and directed many tournaments through CWRU including the first Buzz-a-Trois college singles trash tournament and the Great Lakes Regional Academic Championship. He was the chief editor of the PACE NSC in 2001, which he failed to complete (resulting in a bailout by Matt Weiner and Weiner's subsequent promotion to chief editor of the 2002 through 2008 NSCs) and he also was a writer for TRASH, Testing Recall About Strange Happenings, which he joined after winning the TRASHionals national championship in 1999.

Anthony was inducted into Case's College Trivia Club Hall of Fame on April 28, 1999 as Editor Emeritus, with the following description:

"Anthony holds the reputation and unkept record of being the "neg-magnet" for the Trivia Club. To his credit, after picking up a buzzer for the first time his sophomore year at CWRU, he has gone on to become the team's most prolific question writer and editor. He has probably read in more matches in the PACE NSC format than anyone else over the first three years that the format was used at GLRAC and PACE NSC."

A list of tournaments Anthony played in can be found at this archived link [1].