Arthur Delot-Vilain

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Arthur Delot-Vilain
Noted subjects History, Literature, Fine Arts, Generalism, England
Current college Yale (2021-)
High school Georgetown Day (2017-2021)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Arthur Delot-Vilain is a player at Yale. In high school, he played for Georgetown Day in Washington, DC. Beginning primarily as a history player mostly shadowed by Matthew Siff, Arthur has since grown to become a humanities supergeneralist.

As a senior, Arthur led a victorious GDS team against UMD A in the Mid-Atlantic mirror of LIT in a huge upset. He also won the 2021 IPNCT, making the DaBaby pose upon victory thereby ruining the day for everybody.

Since 2020, Arthur has been a member of Groger Ranks, focusing primarily on podcast production.