Arthur Gayden

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Arthur Gayden
Noted subjects US History, Literature, Geography, Current Events
Current college Chicago (2023-)
High school Detroit Country Day (2019-2023)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Arthur Gayden is a first-year at Chicago and the former captain of Detroit Country Day's quiz bowl team. He is a US-based generalist, meaning that he specializes in US history, US literature, etc.

Arthur led the all-sophomore DCDS B team to win the JV title at the 2021 PACE NSC. The young DCDS team also finished 31st at their first HSNCT.

In 2021, Arthur became the head editor of DART, a high school hard level charity housewrite produced by the Detroit Country Day Quiz Bowl team. Arthur is notably an avid defender of NAQT Invitational Series sets, defending the quality of their questions under any circumstances.