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aseemsDB is a quizbowl question database run by Aseem Keyal. The database allows user to search for text strings in past sets uploaded to the aseemsDB database, with specification options for specific sets, difficulty level, and limiting to searching only answerlines. Except for the packet archive itself, aseemsDB is the most comprehensive publicly available question database available to use.

Upon searching a text string, aseemsDB returns links to PDFs for packets where the string was found. This utility contrasts with QBreader, which returns specific questions containing the text, rather than the whole packet. This facet of aseemsDB, along with the massive size of the database, makes studying with aseemsDB more unruly than with QBreader. Relatedly, aseemsDB is used more as a tool for question writers than for average users trying to find study materials. The large database size and string searching options makes it very easy for writers to find how often specific clues have come up at what difficulties in quizbowl before, providing a sense for where to place a clue or whether to use it at all.

A side effect of aseemsDB's utilities is the conversion of all packets in the database to PDF files. Some users will take advantage of this facet to more conveniently access packets that have different file types on the packet archive (such as .docx or .rtf) without having to open up other computer applications past a web browser.