Bel Air Invitational

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The Bel Air Invitational is a high school tournament hosted by Bel Air High School. The tournament uses NAQT lightning rounds and speed checks. Prior to 2011, the tournament used NAQT A-sets.


Year Packet set Field size First place Second place Third place
2015 LIGHT-35, SC-48 20 Catonsville A Calvert Hall A C. Milton Wright/John Carroll
2014 LIGHT-32, SC-44 24 John Carroll Dulaney A C. Milton Wright A/Bel Air A
2013 LIGHT-29, SC-40 18 Hammond A Bel Air A Fallston A/Aberdeen A
2012 LIGHT-23, SC-36 22 Dulaney A Hammond A Catonsville A/Severna Park A
2011 LIGHT-20, SC-32 26 Hammond A Severna Park Catonsville A/James Blake
2010 IS-97A 24 Severna Park A Catonsville A Bel Air A/Dulaney A
2009 IS-87A 20 James Blake A Aberdeen A Severna Park A/C. Milton Wright A
2008 IS-78A 20 Hammond A Aberdeen A Dulaney A/Severna Park A