Bellarmine Middle School Invitational

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The Bellarmine Middle School Invitational is an annual middle school tournament hosted by Bellarmine. It was first held in 2013.


Year Packet set Field size First place Second place Third place
2013 NAQT MS-05 8 Stratford-Santa Clara Challenge-Berryessa/Stratford-San Jose A None
2014 NAQT MS-08 18 Stratford-Santa Clara A Challenger-Sunnyvale A Diablo Vista/Holmes-Emerson Junior High/Challenger-Sunnyvale B
2015 NAQT MS-14 12 Harker Stratford-Santa Clara A Stratford-San Jose
2016 SCOP MS 6 6 Challenger-Ardenwood Harker Stratford-Santa Clara A