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Beth Young is the former coach at Quincy High School in Illinois. She coached there from 1978-2001.

During her time as coach, Quincy was, objectively, one of the very best teams in Illinois. Young constantly took her team to sites across the state, including the Chicago area, to find better competition. When the IHSA officially recognized Scholastic Bowl, and began sponsoring a state tournament, Young's Quincy teams won the first two state titles in 1987 and 1988, and became the first team to win 3 title when they won in 1993. Her teams added 3rd place finishes in 1994 and 1995, and a 4th place finish in her final state tournament appearance in 2000.

Her 1993 and 1994 teams included her most accomplished player to play collegiality, Subash Maddipoti.

While no one is sure of the exact dates, Young was certainly one of the first two coaches in Illinois (Tom Durbin being the other) to reach the 1,000 victory plateau. For the rarity of losses, she and her teams lost and won gracefully, and she was widely respected across the state of Illinois for her work.

In 2005, Young was inducted into the IHSSBCA Hall of Fame as a member of its first induction class.

After retirement, Young followed in her father's footsteps. Her father had been a bugler in the military who played at military funerals. Young had learned the instrument at a young age, and is now one of the few people who can play the bugle, live, at military funerals in northern Illinois.