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Boardman High School
Youngstown, Ohio
Coach Randy Nord
State championships None
National championships None

Boardman High School is currently coached by Randy Nord. Previous coaches include John Richley, Jeff Boyll, and Brian Racz. The team was re-established for the 2005 Mahoning County Quizbowl League season and has contended for county and regional honors since returning to action, but has only travelled to few out-of-county tournaments. Boardman qualified to the 2007 HSNCT but a lack of administrative support scuttled the opportunity to travel to Chicago. However, Boardman saw a resurgence under captain Michael Palagano in 2014, when the team earned 2nd place at the Battle of the Burgh at Pitt. The team won the Mahoning County Quizbowl League and the county tournament that year. Boardman travelled to their first national tournament, 2015 HSNCT in Chicago following that finish and continued the Mahoning tradition of going 3-7 in the prelim rounds. Boardman became more active in the 2015-2016 season, taking 4th at the Solon Fall Tournament and 2nd at the South Range Annual Academic Challenge, as well as winning the Mahoning County Quizbowl League and tournament once again. They also attended the NAQT Ohio State Championship at St. Charles and finished 5th.

Team Honors

2017 Mahoning County Tournament Champions

2017 Mahoning County League Varsity and JV Champions

2016 NAQT Ohio State Championship 5th Place

2016 Mahoning County Tournament Champions

2016 Mahoning County League Varsity and JV Champions

2015 Mahoning County Tournament Champions

2015 Mahoning County League Varsity and JV Champions

2007 OAC East Central Regional Champions

2006-2007 WYTV-YSU Academic Challenge Champions

2007 Mahoning County League Varsity Champions

2001 Mahoning County Tournament Champions

2000 Mahoning County Tournament Champions

Individual Honors

Mike Disotell, 2007 Mahoning County Player of the Year -- 17-101-9, 1220 pts, 76.25 avg

Michael Palagano, 2015 Mahoning County League First Team -- 20-75-4, 1030 pts, 73.57 avg

Pranav Padmanabhan, 2016 Mahoning County League Player of the Year -- 53-81-17, 1520 pts, 108.57 avg

Pranav Padmanabhan, 2017 Mahoning County League Player of the Year -- 37-63-14, 1115 pts, 111.50 avg