Bobby Dorigo Jones

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Bobby Dorigo Jones
Noted subjects History, geography, fraud, and Montana-based literature
Current college N/A
High school Detroit Catholic Central (2008-2012)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Bobby Dorigo Jones is an inactive player at Michigan State University and formerly a player at Detroit Catholic Central. He specialized in history, geography, and Montana-based literature.

Nothing interesting happened during Bobby's freshman year.

In his sophomore (2010) year Bobby attended many tournaments as a member of DCC A or B. At Catholic Central's invitational he was part of the team that beat Catholic Central's A team [citation needed]. He attended HSNCT and NSC on Catholic Central's B team which finished tied for 43th and 35th respectively.

During his junior year, Bobby helped write/edit the notorious DCCAT 2011 and began working for Olympia Academic Competition Questions as an associate question writer. He was a member of the DCC A team for most of the year, which finished T-13 at the 2011 NAQT HSNCT and 10th at the 2011 PACE NSC.

As a senior, Bobby was a mainstay on DCC A’s starting lineup that finished second at TJ OLEFIN 2011, tied for second at 2011 Harvard Fall, and third on Day One of the 2012 Texas Invitational. 2011-12 DCC A never lost a match in the state of Michigan and won both the 2012 NAQT Michigan State Championship and the 2012 MSU Honors College State Tournament. Bobby helped lead DCC A to a second place finish at 2012 NAQT HSNCT, answering three of the final four toss ups in game one of a disadvantaged final to Bellarmine High School in a game that has been called the best comeback in NAQT history [citation needed]. DCC A also finished 10th at 2012 PACE NSC.

Bobby attended ACE Quizbowl Camp three times during his career as a quiz bowler and has staffed four ACE Camps; twice as a gofer in 2012 and twice as a teacher in 2013, teaching Geography. His class has been called “alright” and “good, I guess” [citation needed].