Brad Houston

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Brad Houston
Noted subjects History, French Stuff
Current college None
Past colleges Maryland (2005-2007), Grinnell (2001-2004)
High school Stevenson (1997-2000)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Brad Houston (pronounced like the word "house") is a quizbowl player, formerly of Maryland and Grinnell.


Brad captained his high school team to its first IHSA Championship in 2000. One of his teammates was Joel Gluskin. The picture in the profile to the right shows him on Team Illinois at PAC. Brad is seated on the left side, and Yogesh Raut is seated on the right side.



Houston began playing for the Maryland team in the 2004-2005 school year while also persuing a masters in History and Library Science. He contributed packets and editing to several Maryland high school tournaments, and played on Maryland teams in various tournaments in his first two years at the school.


Brad now works as a librarian in the Midwest. He still shows up to moderate at important quizbowl events, such as the HSNCT.