Brick Barrientos

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Brick Barrientos
Noted subjects Geezer trash
Current college None
Past colleges Maryland (1979-1983)
High school Robert E. Peary (1976)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Brick Barrientos is a quizbowl player, NAC moderator and judge, and host of his own public access TV show, Silver Screen Test. He is "notable" for winning the 1981 College Bowl National Championship. He was among the founders of the Maryland program.


After stopping competitive play, Brick continued to moderate and write for tournaments in the Washington-Baltimore area, especially for tournaments held at the University of Maryland. He reunited with Robert Whaples and Tom Rogers of the 1981 Maryland team for the 2000 Philadelphia Experiment.


Brick serves as a moderator and judge at the Washington, D.C. NAC site. He was also one of the judges at first NAC. Brick has been a judge every year at NAC, but has only worked the Washington, D.C. site since the tournament went to multiple locations in 1995.

Silver Screen Test

Brick hosts Silver Screen Test, a game show on Montgomery County (Maryland) Public Access Television. As the title suggests, the show asks three contestants a series of questions on movies. In many ways it is similar to Jeopardy!, although lower budget and with a narrower focus.

Science Fiction Trivia

Brick has hosted science fiction trivia contests at Washington-Baltimore area science fiction conventions Unicon, Disclave, and Balticon. He also ran a fantasy trivia contest at the 1994 Mythopoeic Conference at American University and the science fiction trivia contest at the 1998 World Science Fiction Convention in Baltimore.

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