C.D. Hylton

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C.D. Hylton Bulldogs
C.D. Hylton HS VA.png
Woodbridge, VA
Club President None
Coaches Amy Neumann
State Championships 2000 NAQT Virginia
National Championships None
National Appearances 2000 HSNCT
Program Status Active
School Size 2429 (March 2016)

C.D. Hylton High School is located in Woodbridge in northern Virginia and is coached by Amy Neumann. C.D. Hylton does not currently participate in the invitational circuit but is active in VHSL.

In VHSL, C.D. Hylton was part of the VHSL Northwest Region until the 2014 VHSL Realignment. After the 2014 realignment, the school became part of VHSL Region 6A South. Starting with the 2017-18 season, C.D. Hylton will be part of VHSL Class 6 Region C as a result of the 2018 VHSL Realignment.

C.D. Hylton won the Northwest Region tournament in 2000. They were runner-up at the 2015 6A South tournament. Hylton won the 2015 Conference 4 tournament and placed second in 2014.

C.D Hylton attended the 2000 HSNCT, placing 13th out of 56. Their 13th round against Georgetown Day, which Hylton won, resulted in both teams having a total of 14 negs, setting an HSNCT record. In the same year, the team won the first NAQT Virginia State Championship. C.D. Hylton went on to place fourth at the 2001 NAQT Virginia State Championship. During the 2010s, Hylton sporadically attended tournaments, including the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Championship, 2011 OLEFIN, 2012 TJIAT, and 2013 VCU Season Finale Tournament. Since then, they have not attended invitational tournaments.

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