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The Delaware Fall Open was a high school quizbowl tournament held every December (usually the second Saturday) at Wilmington Charter. It has been succeeded by a tournament known as CSWIFT (Charter School of Wilmington Invitational Fall Tournament), held in November.

Tournament History

The tournament was first held in 2000 when Bill Tressler was a faculty member at the Sanford School. When Bill moved to Wilmington Charter, the tournament came with him, but Delaware Fall Open III was hosted by Salesianum.

Charter's team continued to host tournaments after Tressler's departure in June 2010.

This is one of the few tournaments in the Mid-Atlantic that offers a JV division. Any freshman or sophomore is eligible to play JV. A junior or senior who played no high school quizbowl before the current academic year is also eligible.

Participants include D.C., Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania teams.

Tournaments Known as CSWIFT

CSWIFT Champion Second Third Fourth Field size (Varsity + JV) Notes Results
2015 Richard Montgomery B Richard Montgomery A Wilmington Charter B Henderson A 14 No JV Division, used BASK Combined results
2013 Richard Montgomery A Walter Johnson Kellenberg A, Quince Orchard, Thomas Jefferson A (tie) 17 + 19 results
2012 Richard Montgomery A Richard Montgomery B Walter Johnson A Henderson A 8 + 12 Varsity Results and JV Results

Tournaments Known as The Delaware Fall Open

DFO Champion Second Third Fourth Field size (Varsity + JV) Notes Results
XII (2012) Saint Josephs A Richard Montgomery A State College A Robinson A 20 + 16 Was actually "Delaware Spring Open" as it happened in February. results
XI (2010) Richard Montgomery A GDS A Kellenberg A Henderson 30 + 15 results
X (2009) Richard Montgomery A Bergen A Henderson Ranney 30 + 22 results
IX (2008) Gonzaga A Walt Whitman A Blake A Blake B 23 + 15 About 48 teams were expected, but a snowstorm made travel from the north difficult. results
VIII (2007) Walt Whitman A Half Hollow Hills West A Manheim Township A C. Milton Wright 33 + 15 Whitman finished 3rd at nationals. results
VII (2006) Moravian A Blake Seton Hall Prep A Kellenberg A 18 + 16 Ben Schenkel of Moravian finished 2nd in Teen Jeopardy! in this year. results
VI (2005) Gonzaga Montgomery Blair A Half Hollow Hills West A West Chester East 26 + 16 results
V (2004) Richard Montgomery A Richard Montgomery B Salesianum Howard 8 + 8 An attempted November date proved unpopular. Richard Montgomery finished 6th at nationals. results
IV (2003) Kellenberg Memorial A Wilmington Charter B Howard A Kellenberg Memorial B 19 + 11 First year of a separate JV division. results
III (2002) Salesianum A Wilmington Charter B Wilmington Charter A Sanford 16 Held at Salesianum. results
II (2001) Howard A Wilmington Charter A Pennridge A Archmere A 11 Featured a circle of death between three teams, which excluded Pennridge from the final. Held at Sanford. results
I (2000) Newark Wilmington Christian Wilmington Charter A Pennridge A 14 Held at Sanford. results