Cardinal Classic XII

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Cardinal Classic XII: Beware the Esker was a tournament held at Stanford on February 2, 2002. The editor and TD for the tournament was Raj Bhan. 11 teams competed. The results here would seem to suggest that the tournament consisted of an initial 11-team round robin, followed by bracketing into playoff brackets of 4, 4, and 3 teams, with round robins then played in each playoff bracket.


Berkeley A (consisting of Seth Teitler, Jon Pennington, Nick Meyer, and David Farris) won the tournamet with a record of 11-2. The second place team was SUK (Mike Usher, Jordan K., Kirsten) at 10-3. The top individual scorers were R. Hentzel from Silicon Age (100.83 PPG), Mike Usher from SUK (89.58 PPG), and Ed Cohn from Chicago (57.08 PPG). Full stats can be found here.