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Casey-Westfield Warriors
Casey, Illinois
Coaches Elizabeth Collins
State Championships 2015 (Masonic 1A)
Program Status Active
School Size 258
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Casey-Westfield High School is a rural public high school in Casey, Illinois. The team competes in Class A, the "small school" division, of the Illinois High School Association's State Championship series. The Warriors also compete in the Little Illini Conference.

Casey-Westfield is most notable for their Masonic State Championship in 2015 for Class 1A, the first year of the three-class Masonic tournament.

Notable Team Accomplishments

  • Masonic State Tournament: 2015 - 1st (1A)
  • Masonic State Sectionals: (2) 2015 (1A), 2013 (A)
  • IHSA Sectionals: (1) 2015 (1A)
  • IHSA Regionals: (3) 2023 (1A), 2015 (1A), 2013 (1A)
  • Little Illini Conference Champions: (2) 2023, 2015

IHSSBCA Individual Honors

  • 2013-14: Robin Cummins (1A)

Illinois Masonic State Tournament Class A Champion
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Newman Central Catholic
Keith Country Day