Cave Spring Invitational

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The Cave Spring Invitational (CSI) is a high school tournament hosted or sponsored by Cave Spring. It is held in the fall and was first held in 2005. The first seven sets were housewritten. After 2014, the tournament ran successively on IMSANITY, BISB and an NAQT set.


Year Packet set Field size First place Second place Third place
2015 IS-148 19 Christiansburg Blacksburg A Hidden Valley A
2014 BISB 2014 16 Blacksburg A Virginia Episcopal A Rustburg A
2013 IMSANITY 2014 18 Honaker Northside Rockbridge County A
2012 CSI VII 22 Raleigh Charter A Eastern Montgomery New Kent D
2011 Forum post CSI VI 29 Christiansburg A Raleigh Charter A Blacksburg A
2010 Forum post CSI V 18 Christiansburg Blacksburg A New Kent A
2009 Forum post CSI IV 16 Collegiate Blacksburg A Raleigh Charter A
2008 Forum post CSI III 18 Raleigh Charter A Rappahannock County Heritage
2007 Forum post CSI II 17 Maggie Walker A Collegiate Russell A
2006 Forum post CSI I 18 Maggie Walker A Maggie Walker B Collegiate