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Centerville FKT is a high school tournament hosted by Centerville High School using the FKT set. The tournament is designed to introduce teams in the West Central region of Ohio to the toss-up bonus format, as most teams in the region (aside from the CBC) play only OAC in their leagues.

The tournament directors for the event are David Jones and Joe Czupryn from Northmont High School. The 2009 iteration of the tournament was hosted at Vandalia-Butler High School until renovations on their building forced the tournament to be moved to Centerville in 2010.

Year # of Teams Champion Second Third Fourth
2009 16 Northmont A St. Charles A Lakota West B Tippecanoe A
2010 10 Northmont A Tippecanoe Northmont B Lakota West
2011 24 Northmont A Academic Aves St. Charles A Sidney A
2012 14 Northmont A St. Charles A Sycamore Northmont B

2012: This year's tournament shifted to Sidney High School. Attendance at the tournament was hurt by the presence of a Central Ohio site at Ohio State, though St. Charles decided to send their top teams to the more competitive West Central site. Northmont A and Northmont B won their preliminary divisions, and Northmont A defeated St. Charles in the tournament final. The tournament high scorer was Sam Blizzard from Northmont A at 127 PPG, followed by teammate Tori Amos from Northmont B, at 75 PPG. Teams included:



Miami Valley School

Northmont (x3)

St. Charles (x2)

Sidney (x3)


Tippecanoe (x2)

2011: Twenty-four teams participated in the 2011 tournament. These teams include:

Brookville (x2)

Carroll (x2)

Centerville (x3)

Lakota West (x2)

Miami East (x2)

Miami Valley School (x2)

Northmont (x2)


St. Charles (x3)

Sidney (x2)


Vandalia-Butler (x2)

2010: Ten teams participated in the 2010 tournament, playing a full round robin with Northmont winning the tournament with a perfect 9-0. Tippecanoe A (8-1) was second, followed by Northmont B (7-2) in third. The tournament's high scorer was Northmont B 8th grader Sam Blizzard, whose 83 PPG bested Northmont A senior Brandon William by 5 PPG.

Final Standings:

Northmont A 9-0, 25.87 PPB

Tippecanoe 8-1, 15.99 PPB

Northmont B 7-2, 18.99 PPB

Lakota West 6-3, 12.06 PPB

Centerville A 5-4, 14.49 PPB

Benjamin Logan 4-5, 10 PPB

Vandalia-Butler A 3-6, 11.48 PPB

Bellefontaine 2-7, 8.97 PPB

Vandalia-Butler B 1-8, 6.67 PPB

Centerville B 0-9, 4.58 PPB

All stats are here:

2009: Sixteen teams participated in the 2009 tournament, hosted at Vandalia-Butler High School. Teams were split into two divisions of 8, and a round robin was played within each division. The top two teams from each division went into a single elimination playoff, which was won by Northmont over St. Charles A 345-90. The tournament high scorer was Michael Czupruyn from Northmont High School, with 61.67 PPG.

Bracket Standings

Purple Division:

St. Charles A 7-0

Lakota West B 6-1

Beavercreek A 4-3

Northmont B 4-3

Tippecanoe B 3-4

Parkway 3-4

Sidney B 1-6

Benjamin Logan 0-7

Gold Division:

Northmont A 7-0

Tippecanoe A 6-1

Lakota West A 5-2

St. Charles B 4-3

Sidney A 3-4

Vandalia-Butler 2-5

Beavercreek B 1-6

St. Charles C 0-7

Semifinals: Northmont A def. Lakota West B 500-90, St. Charles A def Tippecanoe A 290-230

Finals: Northmont A def St. Charles A 345-90

Full stats can be found here: