Chatham Academic Tournament

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The Chatham Academic Tournament is a tournament hosted by Chatham High School. The first edition was held in 2007.

It has always used single elimination for its playoff format. Additionally, since 2007, it has split its "varsity" teams into two divisions - "Premier" and "Main," where teams in the Premier division would play only other teams from the Premier division but were guaranteed playoff berths regardless of their record, and teams in the Main division would play only teams from the Main division and were at risk of missing the playoffs if they did not play well enough to qualify.


Year # of Teams Champion Second Third Fourth
2007 30 Livingston A Columbia A Hunter Seton Hall A
2008 (Premier/Main) 36 Bergen County A Delbarton Sparta East Brunswick A
2008 (Freshman) 8 North Babylon Pingry E Missing results Missing results
2009 (Premier/Main) 34 Kellenberg A Millburn A Seton Hall A Stuyvesant
2009 (Freshmen) 10 Saint Joseph Pingry D Seton Hall Pingry C
2010 48 Kellenberg A Saint Joseph A Bergen County Academies Delbarton
2011 (Premier/Main) 50 Saint Joseph A Kellenberg A Millburn A Seton Hall A
2011 (Freshman) 10 MAST Eastern Christian North Babylon Saint Joseph