Cobb County Academic Bowl

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The Cobb County Academic Bowl is a high school tournament hosted by Walton High School. It uses NAQT IS sets with bouncebacks and without negs.


Year Packet set Field size First place Second place Third place
2017 NAQT IS-168 6 Wheeler Walton Campbell
2016 NAQT IS-158 7 Walton Wheeler Kennesaw Mountain/North Cobb/Campbell
2015 NAQT IS-148 4 Walton Kennesaw Mountain Campbell
2014 NAQT IS-138 7 Walton Campbell Kennesaw Mountain
2013 NAQT IS-128 3 Walton Campbell Kennesaw Mountain
2012 NAQT IS-118 5 Walton Wheeler Campbell
2010 NAQT IS-96 5 Walton Campbell Hillgrove