Colby Burnett

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Colby Burnett
Current Team Coached Fenwick (2011-present)
College Northwestern (2001-2005)
High School Fenwick
Stats HDWhite
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Colby Burnett was the coach at Fenwick High School, where he played quizbowl as an HS teammate of Mike Sorice. In college, he played for Northwestern.

As a player, Burnett was good enough to earn all-Conference honors, and in the first year of its inception, was named Second Team All-State as part of the IHSSBCA All-State program.

Burnett is also known for winning the inaugural Jeopardy! Teachers Tournament in 2012 and is currently one of the largest winners on the show due to success on later tournaments.

As representative of the human race

Colby was one of four people (along with Ben Ingram, Alex Jacob, and Kristin Sausville) asked to represent the human race in the first quizbowl match against QANTA, a computer with some degree of artificial intelligence. The match took place as an exhibition at the 2015 HSNCT. The carbon-based units played the silicon-based unit to a 200-200 tie.