Conor Thompson

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Conor Thompson
Noted subjects Math, Geography, Other
Current college Iowa State (2020-)
Past colleges Michigan (2016-2020)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT
Not to be confused with Connor Thompson.

Conor Thompson is a player for Iowa State who formerly played for Michigan. He runs the middle school Discord and has run several iterations of the middle school player poll.


  • 2019 Spartan Housewrite - otherscience, religion, geography
  • 2020 MWT - math, other science, religion, geography, other academic
  • DECAMERON - organizer
  • 2022 MRNA VACCINE - religion, other science, geography/current events/other academic


Conor has a reputation for poasting.

  • During the controversy over whether there should be a second East Coast site of Cal's Mid-Spring Tournament, Conor suggested that teams in the Northeast should simply drive to Maryland to play that site. In response, many players from the region responded that, in that scenario, zero teams from New England would play and that he and others advocating for similar things should "please shut the fuck up".[1]
  • After it was revealed that the 2019 ICT used an alphabetical tiebreaker to determine playoff seeds, Conor authored the post "The ICT format is awful and unfair (or: why I now play for the "Ann Arbor Campus, University of Michigan")"[2] - unfortunately for him, his hypothetical team would still lose to Amherst alphabetically.
  • When the Columbia mirror for Terrapin Open was rescinded, Conor accused the editors of "remarkable feats of malfeasance" in a post that has since been edited to remove much of its language.[3] This inspired a meme by Kevin Wang which was posted in ILQBM.


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