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The Copley Invitational is a tournament held annually on the fourth Saturday of February at Copley High School. Over 162 different schools have attended the tournament since it was started by Sue Korosa in 1992. From 1992-1993 the format was rounds consisting of 100 lightning round questions worth 10 points each with -5 interruptions. Starting in 1993, the tournament was changed to OAC format. From 1993 to 1997 the tournament crowned two champions. Starting in 1998, the best teams were put into brackets called blue and gold. The winner of the blue and gold brackets play for the tournament championship. The other brackets are balanced as much as possible. They consist of B teams and non-qualified teams hoping to qualify for OAC Regionals. In 2015, a middle school NAQT tournament was paired with the high school OAC tournament.



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