David Bass

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David Bass
Noted subjects Math, Physics
Current college Johns Hopkins (2023-)
Past colleges UVA (2019-2023)
High school Jamestown High School (2015-2019)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

David Bass is a former player for Jamestown High School and UVA. He now attends Johns Hopkins University, pursuing a Ph.D in biology.


High school

David played for Jamestown High School in Williamsburg, Virginia from 2015 until his graduation in 2019.


David began playing for the University of Virginia in the Fall semester of 2019 and has competed on the A-team at several tournaments. He served as vice president of the UVA Academic Competition Club from the Fall 2020 to Spring 2021 semesters and served as treasurer from Spring 2021 through Spring 2023. David helped to organize and direct Cavalier Classic XXIII, the FLOpen Mid-Atlantic Mirror, 2021 Virginia Spring Tournament, Cavalier Classic XXIV, the 2021 ACF Winter Lower Mid-Atlantic Mirror, and the 2022 Mid-Atlantic SCT.

David edited Physics and Other Science for both MRNA II: The Second Dose and the 2023 PACE NSC. He also edited Physics, Math, and a chunk of Biology for the 2023 Chicago Open.


David, as an active and impressive member of the UVA community, was granted the honor of living on the Lawn during his senior year at the University of Virginia. This entitled him to a room in a UNESCO World Heritage site but deprived him of a quickly-accessible bathroom or cooking area.

When overly stimulated, David has been known to flap his arms like a baby bird expelled from the nest.