David Seal

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David Seal
Noted Subjects:
Trash, History, Bang Bang Boom
Current Collegiate Team None
Past Collegiate Teams Virginia (2010-2013) Chicago (2006-2010)
High School Team None
Middle School Team None

David "Davey-Bear" Seal is a corporate lawyer in Delaware. He was previously a player for the University of Virginia and the University of Chicago. He is notable mostly for his obsessions with basketball, Bruce Springsteen and squirrels.

Playing Career

David Seal was a member of the Chicago team that finished second at the 2008 NAQT ICT and he also played on the 2009 Division I team that won ICT. He was a top scorer at 2007 ELVIS, an award he accepted while wearing a Burger King crown. The greatest honor he has received (in his entire life, not just quizbowl) was being a top scorer at the 2008 incarnation of Ann B. Davis narrowly edging winning a national title. He was also the leading scorer on Stone Cold Peter Austin, the third place team at 2009 Trashionals.

David was a member of the Virginia team that won the 2012 NAQT ICT, the 2012 CHB, the 2013 CHB, and finished second at the 2013 NAQT ICT. He was also part of the UVA delegation to the World Brain Cup. While at UVA he won numerous trash-offs.

David played on Ooh Aah Aah Aah Aah, the team that won the inaugural and only CULT trash national championship.

David is also the only winner of the Quintuple Crown, which consists of two ICT titles, two CHB titles, and a CULT title.


David is active in writing trash, having helped write 2008 CO Trash, Rob Pilatus, and GARBAGE.He also served as head editor of Seth Teitler Presents: An Intimate Engagement with Trash.


David is also a co-creator of Designate Bowl.