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Donald Lindsey (Don) Windham was born on July 7, 1959 in Brunswick, Georgia in the United States. He attended Emory and Macon State before finishing the bachelor's degree at Berry College. He began playing academic quiz competitions at Macon State (then Macon Junior College) and led the team to wins at several junior college tournaments. In 1979, he transferred to Berry College where he played for Dr. Gordon Carper. In 1981, Windham married teammate Carol Guthrie and they began graduate study at the University of Tennessee where they began playing for and coaching the academic competition team. Guthrie and Windham were active in running and promoting tournaments and were among the founders of what became the Academic Competition Federation. Windham retired from active competition as a collegiate player in 1986 and from open competition in 1992 after playing on the winning team in five Tennessee Masters competitions.

Windham has been professor of psychology at Roane State Community College in Oak Ridge, Tennessee since 1990. He received a PhD in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 1990 and studies gay/lesbian issues, forensic psychology, and fathering issues. In 2004, he was awarded the N. Gordon Carper Award for achievement in academic competitions.

Carper Award
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Eric Hillemann
2004 (with Gaius Stern)
Charlie Steinhice