Dorman Season Ender

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The Dorman Season Ender is a tournament hosted by Dorman. It is typically held late in each season. The tournament runs on an NAQT set and was first held in 2008. The tournament appears to not have been held in 2015. The tournament had a separate JV division in 2008 and middle school divisions in 2011, 2012 and 2014.


Year Packet set Field size First place Second place Third place JV Champion MS Champion
2008 NAQT IS-71A 7+7 JV+7 MS Central Gwinnett Southside Shelby Southside A D.R. Hill
2009 NAQT IS-83 17 Southside Central Gwinnett A James Island/Grayson None None
2010 NAQT IS-92 12 Dorman Freshman A Grayson Thomas Jefferson Classical A None None
2011 NAQT IS-103A 12+9 MS St. Andrew's Thomas Jefferson Classical A Riverside None Thomas Jefferson Classical A
2012 NAQT IS-114A 13+6 MS J.L. Mann A Riverside South Caldwell/Thomas Jefferson Classical A None Dawkins A
2013 NAQT IS-125A 14 Wilson South Caldwell/D.W. Daniel None None None
2014 NAQT IS-135A 10+5 MS Spartanburg Mountain View James Byrnes None Dawkins A
2016 NAQT IS-154 18+5 MS Spartanburg Wade Hampton A Oakbrook Prep A None Dawkins A