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An editor is a member of a question-production group who takes questions submitted by writers and polishes them. This can involve fact-checking, typo correction, addition or removal of clues, or overhauling the question entirely. A subject editor is assigned to only edit categories in which they have expertise, while a head editor provides more general oversight, ensures continuity in difficulty across categories, and directs the "vision" of the set.


If the housewrite is being written by a single school or set of schools, the editors are typically the most experienced writers among those available. In other cases, editors can apply via an open application on the forums.


ACF selects their editors through an open application process. Fall, Winter, Regionals, and Nationals have different editing staff, meaning that a player can edit for one of the tournaments and still be eligible to play the others. Since ACF uses a packet submission format, editors edit the submissions themselves without giving feedback to the writers. Editors are also able to choose which questions to cut and which to keep, since the packet submission format often results in a surplus of usable questions. ACF editors are also expected to write the finals packets, and for ACF Nationals, contribute a number of "Editors" packets.

Question Companies

NAQT and IAC promote writers to act in a consistent editing role, unlike ACF and housewrites, which are typically one-off.