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A housewrite is a question set produced independently by a team or multiple teams for their own tournament. Housewrites can be written by and for both high school and college teams, and they are often mirrored in several places.

Tournament directors usually have to decide between using one of many housewrites created each year, as well as sets from professional question sources including NAQT, HSAPQ, and ACF.

Some housewrites are single occasion only, while others are produced annually by the same school(s). Typically, the schools that write a housewrite each year are also the ones who field consistently good teams.

Historical usage

As it was originally used, a housewrite was a set written by a single institution (typically a college or university), which would produce and edit all the questions. Contributions from freelance editors and writers in the open circuit were not uncommon, but there was always a central school which was doing the bulk of the production.

Long running examples of housewrites from this era include Terrapin (Maryland), Cardinal Classic (Stanford), and Penn Bowl (Penn) at the college level and Prison Bowl (Hunter), GSAC (Maggie Walker), and LIST (Ladue) in high school.

Modern usage

In modern usage, the term "housewrite" no longer necessarily means that a set was written by a single school, or even a school at all. Any set which is produced by an independent group of writers (i.e. not a organization like NAQT or ACF) is often considered a housewrite. This defines continues to include sets written by individual schools (with or without outside assistance) but also includes sets written by:

The transition to this new concept of a housewrite has been accelerated by the growing adoption of various foundation software, including collaboration software like Google Docs and QEMS2 and social media like Discord.