Evan Silberman

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Evan Silberman
Noted Subjects:
Art, Religion, Science!, Tournament Directing
Current Collegiate Team none
Past Collegiate Teams Hampshire College (2009-2011)
High School Team Thomas Jefferson (VA) (2004-2007)
Middle School Team None

Evan Silberman played briefly for Hampshire after playing and serving as tournament director for the TJHSST It's Academic team. He learned the subtle art of tournament directing under the tutelage of Sam Lederer. He was a moderator on hsquizbowl.org, and received the 2007 Benjamin Cooper Young Ambassador Award for his efforts leading the Thomas Jefferson It's Academic Team both administratively and as a team captain. He was the first person to receive the award while still competing as a high school student.

Evan assisted Matt Weiner in TDing the 2009 NSC. He developed the now-defunct quizbowl stats program Taft, which charged for its use at each tournament. He also formulated a couple of axioms.

Benjamin Cooper Young Ambassador Award
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Eric Grunden
Lee Henry & Chris Sewell