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The Fall Academic Tournament, or FAcT, is a high school tournament hosted by Yale each October. It has traditionally used an NAQT A-set and attracts local teams from across New England and the Tri-State area. According to this post from erstwhile club president Andrew Uzzell, there may have been a FAcT in the distant past, but the current version of the tournament began in 2005.

At FAcT VII, hosted in 2011, Yale began its tradition of using puns for bracket names with the Steinbeck-inspired "East of Leadin" and "Thirtylla Flat"). Yale bracket names since then have fluctuated wildly in terms of their humor, erudition, or lack thereof.

No. Date Set Teams Champion Second High Scorer
I unknown ??? ??? no results no results no results
II (partial stats; mislabeled "2007") Nov. 11, 2006 IS-61A 30 Hunter Daniel Hand "Leonardo," Hunter
III Oct. 13, 2007 IS-69A 14? Moravian White Plains A Ben Schenkel
IV Sept. 27, 2008 IS-78A ~14 E.O Smith C Newtown unknown
V October 10, 2009 IS-89A 20 Kellenberg Cheshire Nik Churik
VI October 23, 2010 IS-99A 25 Kellenberg A St. Joseph A Nik Churik
VII October 22, 2011 IS-110A 20 E.O. Smith A Half Hollow Hills West A "Maximilien," State College
VIII October 27, 2012 IS-121A 24 High Tech Kellenberg Joseph Levano
IX October 12, 2013 IS-131A 20 Kellenberg A "Northern Delaware Academy" Joseph Levano
X September 27, 2014 IS-139A 28 Lexington A AMSA A Michael Borecki
XI September 26, 2015 IS-149A 18 Darien B Bishop Guertin Timothy Morrison
XII October 15, 2016 IS-159A 24 Darien A North Babylon A Michael Borecki
XIII September 16, 2017 IS-169A 24 Darien A Andover Alexander Koutsoukos (prelim), Rhys Harris (combined)
XIV September 22, 2018 IS-178A 14 Greens Farms Academy Darien B Karsten Rynearson
XV October 12, 2019 IS-187A 16 Acton-Boxborough Darien A Basil Sousounis