White Plains

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White Plains High School
White Plains, NY
Coaches Les Roby
National Appearances HSNCT: none
PACE: none
numerous NACs
Program Status Unknown
School Size Unknown
NAQT Page link

White Plains High School is a high school located in White Plains, New York. The town is the county seat of Westchester County, and appropriately the school is the center of the massive QU-dominated quiz bowl scene there. The coach of the White Plains team, Les Roby, is one of the strongest Chip Beall supporters and quite possibly the longest-serving quizbowl coach in the US. The team had its best success in 1990, when its team placed second in the NAC. It is perennially the host of the Omar Q Beckins Academic Challenge, which fielded over 60 teams in 2010, as well as a regular season tournament series called WACKO.