Fred Campbell

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Fred Campbell
Noted Subjects:
Current Collegiate Team None
Past Collegiate Teams None
High School Team Salem (Coach, 1998-2009)
Middle School Team None

Fred Campbell, also known as Lord Campbell, is an English teacher at Salem High School and the current commissioner of Scholastic Bowl for the Virginia High School League. Prior to assuming the position of commissioner, he founded the academic team at Salem and coached it to the Class AA VHSL State title in 2003. He additionally helps staff league play in the Roanoke Valley as well as the New River Valley.

Commissioner of Scholastic Bowl

After Shawn Pickrell resigned from the VHSL in 2009, Fred Campbell assumed the position and began to institute good quizbowl practices throughout all levels of the league. Fred secured a contract with HSAPQ, marking the league's first external contract for Scholastic Bowl questions. The contract would be transferred to NAQT in 2017 following HSAPQ's decision to cease question writing.

Fred also runs the VHSL State Championship each year in February which marks the season end of league sponsored quizbowl each year.