Frenchtown Invitational Academic Tournament

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The Frenchtown Invitational Academic Tournament is a biannual high school tournament at Frenchtown held since 2008.

Date Set Field Size Champion Second Third
3/15/2008 IS-69A 4 Beaverhead County Frenchtown A Powell County
4/4/2009 IS-78A 4 Frenchtown Beaverhead County Sentinel
2/14/2012 IS-111 16 Frenchtown A Skyview A Frenchtown C
11/15/2012 IS-119A 22 Frenchtown A Skyview A Frenchtown B
11/12/2013 IS-131A 23 Park B Park A Skyview A
2/12/2014 IS-129A 20 Frenchtown A Skyview A Frenchtown B
11/11/2014 IS-139A 23 Park A Skyview A Sentinel A
3/20/2015 IS-143A 21 Frenchtown A Sentinel A Frenchtown B|
11/10/2015 IS-149A 25 Skyview A Sentinel A Frenchtown A
11/15/2016 IS-159A 25 Sentinel A Skyview B Frenchtown A